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Our payments solutions enable you to accept your customers' preferred payment methods (for a full list see here) in a variety of different ways from seamless hosted page integration, to fully customizable APIs.


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The documentation in this area is mostly broken down by either the technical interface (such as an API, SDK or web component) and the features. If you're new to us, or to payments in general, we really recommend making a note of our General Concepts page.

This page gives an overview of the different options and which one might be most appropriate for your use case.

Core Solutions

There are our latest recommended Payments solutions, products or features:

Checkout Solution

Start taking e-commerce payments quickly and easily with minimal PCI compliance requirements. We host a page which handles the payments and fits into your checkout process seamlessly.

Payments API

Take full control of the payment process using our fine-grained RESTful API endpoints. In addition, handle pre-authorisations, refunds, currency conversion and many more payment features.

Payment Links

Initiate the payment process for your customers by generating links to send them. Utilises our Checkout solution to handle the payment, useful for an invoicing-style flow.

Additional Solutions

We also support a few other ways of integrating, such as:

  • Hosted Payment Page - also known as 'Connect' this is the pre-existing version of Checkout, existing customers are likely to go here
  • SOAP API - Actual SOAP API Integration guide version in pdf format available for download

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