Checkout Solution


Early access mode

Our brand new Checkout Solution is in early access mode currently available in EMEA region only. If you are interested in using this solution then please contact us via our support page

If you are looking for information on our Hosted Payment Page integration, please click here


Our checkout solution provides an easy, quick and secure way for you to start accepting payments online.

Your customers choose the products or services on your website or in your mobile app and when they proceed to checkout, our secure solution takes care of the payment process:

  • No need for you to have any sensitive payment information on your systems, complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) becomes easy
  • In-built cardholder authentication with 3-D Secure, handling the interaction with your customer's card issuer
  • Easy access to Alternative Payment Methods with no separate integration
  • Optimised for usage on different devices - desktop, mobile, tablet
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Reduces the chance of error with basic validations and supportive information and warnings
  • Highly customisable to match your corporate brand design and preferences

Integrate with our Checkout Solution

You can start accepting payments with default pre-built checkout pages or customise the user interface for complete control over your checkout experience.

Steps to follow

1. Create a payment transaction request

You can create a sample request of your own or you can use the following sample request (a very basic one) to call our API:

  "storeId": "120995000",
  "transactionType": "SALE",
  "transactionAmount": {
    "currency": "EUR",
    "total": "12.99"

A wide range of further parameters allows you to include things like billing and shipping address, order details, settings for 3-D Secure exemptions, your own transaction identifiers, etc.

After your successful request, you get a URL for the redirection of your customer to our solution and a checkout ID.

  "checkout": {
    "storeId": "120995000",
    "checkoutId": "b00c083a-bacf-44aa-b64a-efee15dcb4ba",
    "redirectionUrl": ""

2. Redirect your customer

Once you have received a success response from our API, use the redirectionURL , to redirect your customer to your active checkout page.

3. Webhooks

We use webhooks to notify you the moment a transaction changes its status.

Webhooks enable us to post real time notifications to your application via HTTP POST requests to the URL endpoints that you defined. All successfully received webhook messages must return an HTTP 200 status code. If the endpoint responds with a status code not in the range, the webhook assumes that your endpoint did not receive the message and retries later. If the configured retry attempts are exhausted, we send an offline notification.


Before you enable webhooks

  • Create a webhook endpoint on your server (HTTP endpoint)
  • Make sure it accepts POST requests with a JSON payload

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