New guide for VT 2.0

Added a new section in Guides tab for VT (Virtual Terminal) 2.0

Updated list of response codes

Added new response codes to this page:

Guides - new section for SEPA

Created new section in for SEPA transactions (direct debits):

API Payments - New brand 'GIROPAY_APM_NG' - 4.0

New enum value in PaymentMethodBrand object.

API Payments - New field in AdditionalDetails object - 4.0

New field marketplaceForeignRetailerIndicator added to AdditionalDetails object which affects: Sale, Preauth, Postauth, Void, Return, 3ds and Recurring Transaction.

API Payments - Enhancement in Mastercard MoneySend - 4.0

Changes impacting the following request types: PaymentCardSaleTransaction, PaymentTokenSaleTransaction, PaymentDeviceSaleTransaction, WalletSaleTransaction and VoidTransaction.

API Payments - New request types - 4.0

New request types for transactions initiated from a physical terminal (POS):

API Payments - Include "ParentUri" in the request - 4.0

This is a new feature for the impactingPayment URL endpoint. To ensure that only trusted domains are allowed, it is necessary to include a ParentUri parameter in the request.


API - Transactional Data - 1.4.0

TL;DR - Added HATEOS / HAL style _links field to all responses to aid data reconciliation.


API - Payment Links - 1.0.0

TL;DR - New /payment-links endpoint provides an easy, quick and secure way for you to start accepting payments online.

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