Quick start

This API is a set of GET endpoints which exposes your transactional data generated from taking payments via our systems. You can use this data to reconcile payments from Authorisation, to a cleared Transaction, and finally Funding.



The following features are available today:

Use cases

Here are a few short example use cases for this API:

  • An Alliance or Partner wanting to build a portal website for their merchants
  • A Merchant wanting to reconcile a payment through to ensure they were Funded correctly
  • A Merchant wanting to report on the number of declined authorisations, to identify revenue-impacting issues

Make your first API call

Prereqs - ensure the following has been completed:



Please note that in order to use the full feature-set of these APIs in production you must;

  • Have an approved production API Key
  • Be onboarded and taking payments via our payment gateway (either via the API, or traditional means)
  • Be onboarded into our clearing / settlement / funding platform


The data in the sandbox follows these rules:

  • A set of data exists for the last 30 days (relative to the time of the request) across 4 merchants with the 'MID's (merchant id's) 60001, 60002, 60003, and 60004 (use the Merchant-Id header for filtering)
  • Authorisations, Transactions and Fundings across 6 different payment instruments: AMEX, DINERS, MAESTRO, MC, PAYPAL, and VISA
  • Associated Transactions for each APPROVED Authorisation, can be reconciled via the orderId field and query parameter
  • Associated Fundings and Funding Details for the transactions based on one funding per day and then one detail per payment instrument type. These can be reconciled via the /transactions?fundingDetailId= query parameter
  • Interchange fee data for each transaction
  • All transaction value and fee amounts for relevant records should link up between authorisations, transactions and relevant funding entries


Future improvements

Our sandbox will improve over time, eventually being a fully integrated ecosystem to test cross-API calls.

Please reach out to us if you have use-cases that the current sandbox data doesn't cater for.


There are a few ways to attempt your first call, you could do it via command line with the following call (entering your API-Key as shown):

curl --location --request GET 'https://prod.emea.api.fiservapps.com/sandbox/exp/v1/authorisations?createdAfter=2022-02-22&createdBefore=2026-02-22 \
--header 'Api-Key: your-api-key'

This will return a list of records in the sandbox matching the date range 2022-02-22 to 2026-02-02.

Alternatively, you could use the try it! feature in our API Reference section! Just enter your API Key in the box in the top right, make sure the sandbox environment is selected, and hit the try it button!

You should see a default response from our sandbox, without even needing to enter any additional parameters.


The following recipes should give you a taste of how to use the API:

Want a quick overview?