Apple Pay

Apple Pay enables secure, simple checkouts in your app or on your website.

User Action: the buyer taps the Apple Pay button in the app or on the website, selects the payment card and uses the Touch-ID to complete the transaction.

  • The Merchant App communicates with the merchant server and creates a transaction ID.
  • The Merchant App obtains the encrypted transaction payload (The tokenized card data "DPAN", Cryptogram, and transaction details) from Apple's Pass Kit Framework.
  • The Merchant App sends the encrypted transaction payload to processor API using the Apple Pay SDK.
  • Processor API decrypts the encrypted transaction payload and processes the transaction.
  • Processor API responds back to the Merchant App (through the SDK) with either an approval or decline
    To get more information on participating banks and countries for Apple Pay, click here.

Apple Pay Integration

Merchant Boarding

Please reach out to your local Integration Support team for getting your account enabled.

CSR Generation

Our Integration team will generate the CSR and share it with you along with the Merchant Identifier.

Generate Payment Processing Certificate from Apple Portal

Steps to create a Payment processing certificate in the Apple portal:

  • Login to apple 'Account' in
  • In-order to generate certificate you must have a paid apple developer account or an organization account. New users must follow the prompts to set up a developer account.
  • Select Certificates, Identifiers and Profile :

  • Select Identifier's and in the dropdown in the upper-right corner select merchant ID.
  • Enter a unique merchant id, and upload a valid CSR in .pem format.
  • Once successfully uploaded, apple provides the payment processing certificate and the merchant ID will come up in the certificate section.
  • Download payment processing certificate and install in your computer by double clicking it.
    The certificate should show up in the 'Key chain access' of your Macbook.

Upload and register the apple development certificate for your machine

  • Request a new certificate from your keychain access.

  • Follow the prompt and request the certificate to be saved on file.
  • In the 'Certificate' section in the apple portal, click on the '+' and follow the prompt to request apple developer certificate for 'IOS' development.
  • Upload the requested certificate.
  • Download and install the apple pay developer certificate.
  • Your machine is now setup for programming IOS app using Xcode.

Set-up Provision Profile for the application

  • In the 'Certificate, Identifier and Profile' section in the apple portal navigate to profile.
  • Click the '+' sign to create a new profile.
  • Choose, 'IOS' development and follow the prompts
  • In the capabilities select 'Apple Pay' and 'In-App Purchases'
  • You can also register the test devices here using, uuid. (Xcode also does this when the app is built on the phone)
  • Download the provision profile on to your mac.

Set-up Project in Xcode

  • Select new xcode project with a single view or import an existing project.
  • Register the app using the app-id in the apple portal under Identifier->appId
  • Go to Xcode->Preferences,->accounts and install the downloaded provision profile, your profile is now linked to your Xcode.
  • Click on your project, go to Signing & Capabilities select 'Automatically manage signing'.
  • '+ capabilities' add apple pay.
  • Under 'Apple Pay' click '+' and add the merchant id's registered in the portal, which in turn will be added to the entitlements file.

Now the Xcode is set-up for coding.

In the SDK enter the URL, api key and api secret and build the app:

  • Merchant ID: Enter any valid merchant ID registered in the apple portal. This gives the capability for a single user to use multiple merchant id's
  • Amount: Enter the amount of the transaction
  • Transaction type: Select PreAuth or Sale.
  • Apple Pay Button: Click this to produce payment sheet and fingerprint authentication for the transaction.

Once the user authenticates the transaction the apple returns the payment token, using which the SDK generates the following payload:

Sample Apple Pay Request










Sample Apple Pay Response







         "referenceNumber":"84290618651 ",








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