Response codes

Mapping of response codes to desired process flow

In the response message the field scaIndicator can have the following values:

ValueProcess flowValues of rtsExemptionRelated threeDSRequestorChallengeIndDescription
NO_SCA_REQUIREDNo 3DS; Route directly to authorisationTRA, LOV, EEA, MIT, RECnot supportedTransaction is eligible for exemption over authorisation, related exemption flag for authorisation must be sent
SCA_REQUIREDCall 3DSNUL01 - no preferenceTransaction is not eligible for exemption thus 3DS call is mandatory, if Issuer ACS applies challenge is not relevant for merchant
SCA_OPTIONALCall 3DSTRA, LOV, EEA, MIT, REC02, 05 - depending on exemption and the supported 3DS protocolCurrently used for exemption over 3DS processing with relevant value of threeDSRequestorChallengeInd
SCA_STRICTCall 3DSNUL03 - challenge requestedScoring engine detects fraud scenario and requests challenge
SCA_MANDATEDCall 3DSNUL04 - challenge mandatedScoring engine detects fraud scenario and requests challenge
DECLINEDecline to merchantNULnot supportedScoring engine detects fraud scenario: No 3DS call/ no authorisation to acquirer ==> decline to merchant


SCA exemption requestPOST /sca-exemptionsThe endpoint to determine if a transaction is eligible for a SCA exemption and to generate a risk score
SCA exemption learning dataPOST /sca-exemptions-dataThe endpoint to provide the result of a transaction to train the risk engine. This doesn't generate a risk score

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