The term 'return' is used for:

  • naked refund (i.e. a credit transaction without reference to an original transaction)
  • refund (partial or complete) with link to an original sale

The below explains the special usage of some tags in case of a refund.

Hdr/MsgFctnUse value 'FAUQ'm
Tx/TxTpUse value 'RFND'm
Tx/TxId/TxRefReference-ID of transaction.
Used as trace-number, format 999999
Format: Max35Text
Tx/TxId/TxDtTmDate / time of transactionm
Tx/OrgnlTxpresent in case of linked refundo
Tx/xDtls/Ccyneeds to be identical to Ccy of original transactionm

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