Transaction response details

Transaction response details

The following fields will be discussed:

  • threeDSFlowIndicator
  • messageVersion


This field contains the information at any stage (initially or after a soft-decline) a 3DS flow of any kind was initialised.

  • NOT_SUBMITTED_TO_3DS - there was no 3DS flow at any stage (authorisation only)
  • SUBMITTED_TO_3DS - there was a 3DS flow (before authorisation or after a previous soft decline)


This field contains the message version used during the 3DS flow, e.g. 1.0.2.

Naturally, this field can only be provided for threeDSFlowIndicator=SUBMITTED_TO_3DS.

In case no 3DS flow was initiated, keep the field empty or send 0.

You will find that many of the following fields can only be filled with meaningful content after a 3DS flow has occurred. Looking at delegated authentications those fields can still be used to convey the outcome as sketched below.

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