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Disputes is in development. You can find the API specification in development here. If you are interested in gaining access when available then please contact us via our support page.

Please note the API specification may change while it's in development

Disputes (also known as chargebacks) occur when a cardholder wants to query a transaction on their card statement. Whether this is due to not recognising a transaction, fraud or some other reason, the cardholder will raise a dispute with their issuing bank to look into the potential issue.

Our Disputes API is designed to allow a merchant to retrieve, manage and respond to disputes. It supports

  • requesting all and/or individual disputes details
  • retrieve supporting documentation pertaining to the individual dispute
  • action (accept or decline) each dispute throughout the lifecycle of the dispute
  • upload evidence (tiff, pdf, jpeg, doc or docx format) when declining a dispute
  • undo an action (response) where permitted



The following features will be available:

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