Our payments solutions enable you to integrate them into a seamless customer experience, and enable you to accept your customers' preferred payment methods.

See below for the most popular options:

Subset of payment methods available

Subset of payment methods available

Beyond accepting customer payments, our payments services include Tokenization, 3DSecure 1 & 2, Pre-Authorisation functionality, creating and managing Recurring Payments and Payment URLs.

Payment API

If you want to build your own UI and manage payments within your checkout flow natively within your own site or application, use our RESTful APIs. For this, you'll need to have the relevant PCI Compliance capabilities to process raw card data, but you can own the end to end customer experience.

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Hosted Payment Page

Our Hosted Payment Page called 'Connect' allows you to redirect your customer to our payment page when they are checking out. Our Hosted Payment Page then manages the customer journey in the checkout process for different payment methods and the 3DSecure flow for card payments.

Using secure hosted pages can reduce the burden of compliance with the Data Security Standard of the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS). If you want to lighten the PCI DSS load, but still make use of our extended capabilities, you can still use our RESTful APIs to access features where no direct consumer interaction is required and no sensitive cardholder data is getting processed.

Additionally, if you want to remove the complexity of enabling authenticated payments via the 3DSecure API, we suggest you use the Connect solution for all sale transactions, then use the REST APIs for all other use cases.

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Payment Links

These are links which you can send to your customers, your customers can then pay bills & invoices using these. You can also request a Payment URL via our REST APIs, then send that to your customer. Your customer then clicks the link you've sent them, which takes them to our Hosted Payment Page to complete the payment.

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