Getting Started

Steps to API success

  1. Register in our Developer Portal
  2. Verify your email and log in
  3. Fill in the form to create new key

Fill in the form details:

  1. You now have a sandbox API key to test out all of the APIs
  2. Test out the APIs
  3. Apply for a production key
  1. Success! You have completed your Fiserv EMEA Integration

How do I get a Production API key?

Once you are happy with your testing of the APIs, you can request an API key on our Developer Portal - just select the production environment when requesting a key. Once you've requested a production key our team will review and validate your request before switching it live.

How do I use my API Key?

Our APIs use API keys to authenticate your requests and ensure your data stays protected and secure.

To use the API key on a request, you must include it in the API-Key request header.

curl -H "API-Key: <your key>"

What is a restricted API key and how do I request one?

Restricted API keys have access to only selected APIs which you define when you request your restricted key. This enables you to have better control over what API keys can access specific APIs. You will find the option to request a restricted API key next to the standard key tab.


The request form is the same as the standard API key but it includes a checklist of APIs to select as well:


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