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In development

Our Funding rejects API is currently in development and specification is subject to change. If you are interested in using this solution or would like to provide feedback on the API design, please contact us via our support page

Funding Rejects API allows customers to extract, review and update merchant funding instructions.



The following endpoints are available today:

Example of a funding reject process

  • Funding file is sent to the acquirer
  • The acquirer returns a file of rejected payments
  • The acquirer reviews the reject reason and makes appropriate amendments to merchant details and changes status of an outstanding funding reject
  • Once merchant is amended with the correct detail the status is set to 'Approved'
  • The 'Approved' funding reject is picked up in the institutions next funding cycle, and is resent on the funding file to the acquirer to fund the merchant
  • Funding rejects not 'Approved' can be changed to other statuses so that no further action is required

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Prereqs - ensure the following has been completed:



Please note that in order to use the full feature-set of these APIs in production you must;

  • Have an approved production API Key
  • Be onboarded as a Fiserv customer

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