Choose the "Completion" tile from the Virtual Terminal menu to complete a preauthorised transaction. When you completed the transaction, the amount is debited from the customer's card where the transaction was preauthorised.

The completion amount must be less than or equal to the preauthorised amount.

To process a completion, you must fill in all the required fields from the following sections. Then, fill in the additional fields as appropriate for your transaction.

All optional fields are indicated on each screen as you navigate through the wizard to complete the transaction for your customer.

Follow these steps to perform a completion.

Step 1- Search for the preauthorisation to complete

Enter the Order ID and click the search "spyglass" icon to retrieve the details of the preauthorisation.

This is the Order ID associated with your preauthorised transaction. (If you do not know your Order ID, you can search for it in your transaction management dashboard.)

Step 2- Enter Completion amount(s)

After you retrieve your order, the screen will display the data entered for the preauthorisation. You can review these fields to ensure that you have selected the correct order before you proceed.

Alternatively, clear the order ID field and preform a new search to find another preauthorisation.

To complete the preauthorisation, the total amount entered will be debited to the original payment method of the preauthorisation. For example, the preauthorisation is captured against the customer's credit card, then the completion will debit the sale to this same card.


The total completion amount cannot be greater than the preauthorised amount. You will be prohibited from moving to the next screen if the completion amount exceeds preauthorised amount.

Step 3 - Confirm the completion

After entering the amounts you may click the "Next" button, and in case all entries in the form were valid, the next screen asks you to confirm the information.

If everything is correct, click on the "Confirm" button; otherwise, click on the "Back" button to make the appropriate changes.

When you have reviewed and confirmed the information, you are directed to the Transaction successful/unsuccessful confirmation screen.

Step 4- Check Confirmation Screen

After you have processed the completion, you are directed to the transaction successful screen if the payment is successful.

Otherwise the transaction unsuccessful screen is displayed where you can view the transaction and the reason for its decline.

Click "Perform another completion" on the screen to perform another completion transaction. Otherwise, click "Close" to return to the main Virtual Terminal menu.

View the details of your transaction
Click "View transaction" to view the transaction details such as Order ID, Order balance, Transaction origin, and Order history details on the Manage Order screen.

The order history displays all transactions within the order. For more information, click "Manage Order".

Cancel transaction
The transaction may be cancelled at any point during any of the steps before the payment method is processed.

To cancel the transaction, select "Cancel transaction" at the top right hand side of your screen. Click "Yes, cancel" on the confirmation window to cancel the transaction. Click "No, continue" to continue with the transaction.

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