Quick start

This API allows the retrieval of financial statements for merchants, including some metadata as well as the generated pdf copy of the statement.



The following features are available today:

Use cases

Here are a few short example use cases for this API:

  • An Alliance or Partner wanting to build statement download functionality into their portal
  • A Merchant wanting to download their available statements for reconciliation purposes

Make your first API call

Prereqs - ensure the following has been completed:



Please note that in order to use the full feature-set of these APIs in production you must;

  • Have an approved production API Key
  • Be onboarded and taking payments via our payment gateway (either via the API, or traditional means)
  • Be onboarded into our settlement / funding platform


The statements sandbox contains some mocked data to reflect a standard collection of statements for a merchant, including:

  • One statement per month over the last year
  • Example dummy PDF statement content for each record

Want a quick overview?