Update an existing funding reject status


In development

Our Funding rejects API is currently in development and specification is subject to change. If you are interested in using this solution or would like to provide feedback on the API design, please contact us via our support page

To update an existing funding reject, use PATCH API call to the /funding-rejects endpoint.

Consumers must pass the following details in the PATCH API call to successfully identify the funding reject and update the funding reject status. The Funding ID can be extracted by making a GET API call to /funding-rejects endpoint.

Funding IDSlip number of the original paymentTo be passed in the body of the request
StatusStatus to be updated on the funding rejectTo be passed in the body of the request. To get list of valid funding statuses, make a GET call to Acquirer Profile API; reference-data endpoint with query parameter classification equal fundingRejectStatus.



Funding rejects only occur where the merchant number is at billing level = 'true'



Any amendments to merchant details will need to be modified through the corresponding Merchant Maintenance API. Only once merchant information is corrected should the reject status be set to approved.



Funding rejects and reject statuses are institution specific and are available based on institution configuration

Below is a sample request:

curl --request PATCH \
  --url https://localhost:8711/omnipay/funding/v1.0/funding-rejects \
  --header 'Accept: application/json' \
  --header 'AppKey: ' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data '[
    "id": "12345678901",
    "status": "APPROVED"
    "id": "12345678902",
    "status": "CHEQUE ISSUED"

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