Welcome to the Fiserv EMEA developer documentation, this section will give you an overview of what's on offer! We provide solutions which cover the full spectrum of in-store and online payments, enabled by our range of APIs.


Documentation aimed at helping you understand the product, the use cases that can be enabled, and business processes.


API Reference

Technical documentation including the API specification and a place to make your initial API call.

API Reference


Step by step examples of common API use cases and code snippets.


Payments & Fraud

Payments Live

Fully control your checkout experience to accept payments.

Guide API Reference Download Spec
Checkout SolutionEarly access

Configure and customise a pre-built checkout page to start accepting payments.

Guide API Reference Download Spec
SCA Exemptions Early access

Risk score online transactions to apply SCA exemptions and reduce checkout friction.

Guide API Reference Download Spec
Disputes In development

View, manage and respond to your transaction disputes to effectively manage costs.

Guide Request preview Download Spec
Store Management Roadmap

Manage the configuration of your ecommerce store

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Transaction Pricing Roadmap

Optimise the routing of your payments by comparing pricing before transacting.

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Fraud Management Roadmap

Manage fraud cases, set up fraud rules and maintain fraud lists.

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Point of Sale

Soft Point-of-Sale Early access

Transform your Android device into a payment terminal with no additional hardware.

Guide API Reference
Terminals Early access

Add, update, move and have complete control over the management of your terminals.

Guide API Reference Download Spec
ePOS Payments In development

Connect your electronic cash register (ECR) or sales system to your terminals seamlessly with no wires to complete your POS solution.

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Terminal Diagnostics In development

Diagnostic reporting to monitor, maintain and analyse your terminals.

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Mass Terminal Management Roadmap

Mass management of your fleet of terminals to schedule updates, manage applications and manage shared configuration.

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Transactional Data Live

Retrieve your full transactional data to inform decisions and optimise your payments journeys.

Guide API Reference Download Spec
Statements Live

View and create reports and statements summarising transactional data and fees.

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Webhooks In development

Set up webhooks to be notified and action key events across the payments lifecycle.

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Reporting Roadmap

Dive deeper into transactions and pull scheme and regulatory reports.

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Data Analytics Roadmap

Utilise our data analytics platform to drive insights into your payments and merchants.

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Merchant Boarding Live

Onboard and validate your merchants to Fiserv to start accepting payments.

Guide API Reference Download Spec
Offers Management System Live

Retrieve the payment processing and equipment offers available to your merchants when boarding.

Guide API Reference Download Spec
Documents Live

Upload, retrieve and update financial, identity and contractual documents required for boarding.

Guide API Reference Download Spec
Merchant Maintenance In development

Add stores as you grow and keep merchant details update to date.

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Funding Management Roadmap

Manage the funding cycle of transactions being paid into your merchant account.

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API Key Management Roadmap

Set up and manage APIs for your own merchants to utilise whitelabelled services.

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Oracle OPERA Live

Connect Oracle OPERA property management system with Fiserv payments processing to provide point-of-sale and back office operations to a range of enterprise hospitality sectors.

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Oracle Xstore In development

Connect Oracle Retail Xstore with Fiserv payments processing to provide point-of-sale capabilities to carry out day-to-day transactions and conduct daily store activities.

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