Fraud Detect


Please note:

The following information is only relevant if you are using Fiserv's Fraud Detect solution.

Process Flow

The Fraud Detect process flow can be described as follows:

  1. You send a payment transaction request to our Gateway and it gets routed for authorisation
  2. The Gateway receives the authorization response (approved/declined) including details like if the card code matched or if the address has been successfully verified.
  3. If approval is received, the Gateway submits all transaction details and authorisation results to the Fraud Detect scoring engine.
  4. The Gateway receives the response from Fraud Detect with the fraud score (between 1-1000)
  5. Depending on how the risk tolerance level is set for your Store (default 500), you will either receive a an approved result back from the Gateway or the Gateway will automatically void the previous authorisation and send you a decline back. The response to your systems includes the fraud score.

It is possible to amend the scoring at which you wish a transaction to be Approved or Declined at by using a slider provided in the Fraud Settings section of the Administration tab of the Virtual Terminal.


The information required to be forwarded to Fraud Detect to obtain a fraud score is pulled from both your merchant master data and the information sent to perform the transaction. If you use a HTML form to initiate the transaction and want to pass additional details for the scoring, you need to pass the following parameter for:

Mobile device details:

  • customParam_deviceRiskId
  • customParam_deviceRiskAPIKey
  • customParam_deviceRiskHost

Device intelligence:

  • customParam_deviceIntelligenceVendor
  • customParam_deviceIntelligenceSessionID

Whether the payment was made inside or outside the store (e.g.: pay at pump or in petrol station):

  • customParam_inStoreOutStore

Pump number used at a petrol station:

  • customParam_pumpNumber

Customer type (eg: Retail, Restaurant, Grocery, Mobile etc.):

  • customParam_customerType

Purchase type (eg: gift card reload, gift card purchase etc.):

  • customParam_purchaseType


<input type="hidden" name="customParam_deviceRiskId" value="*****"/>

These fields are handled in the same way as other optional request parameters. The Gateway stores these parameters and passes them on to Fraud Detect. These parameters have no impact on the transaction processing flow.

In the response from the Gateway (parameter fraudScore) you receive the score returned based on the Fraud Detect check performed.

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