Postman Collection

We provide a single collection which makes testing all of our endpoints via postman really easy.

Postman Configuration Guide

The download button below will download:

  1. The API collection which contains all our APIs in sub folders
  2. An environment file where you can edit variables like the URL, API_KEY and API_SECRET


Top tips

When you initially download the collection and environment, No Environment will be selected. Make sure you use the dropdown to select as your environment. You will find this in the top right corner of the application.

By default the environment comes configured using the sandbox variable presets (like {{SANDBOX_URL}}), to switch over to production just set the defaults (like URL) over to the 'PROD' equivalent, like {{PROD_URL}}.

We also recommend you only put sensitive data like api keys in the 'current value' column.

For additional help using environments on Postman visit:

Run in Postman

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