To test Soft Point-of-Sale you'll need either:

Two Android devices

First phone will act as the merchant with the Soft Point-of-Sale app installed. The second phone will act as the customer using the app Visa CDET.



Visa CDET can be used to emulate Visa test contactless cards.

Physical test card

If you'd like a physical test card you can request one from Fiserv, via this page and we will send it to you.


Near-Field Communication (NFC)

To accept payments with Soft Point-of-Sale, your mobile device must work with near-field communication (NFC). The location of the NFC chip differs on mobile devices. When a card is presented, it needs to be placed against this area on your device. Please refer to your device's documentation to identify the area where it's NFC chip is located. As an example of such manufacturer documentation, see Samsung's NFC detection area support page here -

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