Refund a payment


A customer can be refunded in two ways:

  • Their card can be credited with an amount of money, or
  • A refund can be given to them against a purchase (or payment) they made previously


To credit a customer's card with an amount of money you will need to carry out the following steps:

Tap refund

A payment can be refunded by tapping on the refund button from the dashboard.

Refund a paymentRefund a payment

Set the amount

Tap YES and enter the amount, as shown below.

Amount to refundAmount to refund

Present the card

Present the card to refund the amount to just like you would with a payment.


Near-Field Communication (NFC)

To accept payments with Soft Point-of-Sale, your mobile device must work with near-field communication (NFC). The location of the NFC chip differs on mobile devices. When a card is presented, it needs to be placed against this area on your device. Please refer to your device's documentation to identify the area where it's NFC chip is located. As an example of such manufacturer documentation, see Samsung's NFC detection area support page here -

Present cardPresent card

Send a receipt

You are then able to send a receipt to the customer.

Send receiptSend receipt

Refund a payment

To refund a customer against a purchase (or payment) they made previously, you will need to carry out the following steps:

View your transactions

Navigate to view your transactions

View transactionsView transactions

Tap Refund

Tapping on appropriate payment and tapping Refund will let you perform a refund against that payment.

You will need to enter the amount. The amount entered must be lower or equal to the original sale transaction that is being refunded. You can carry out multiple partial refunds in this way but the sum of these should not exceed the value of the original payment.

You must also present the card. The same card from the original sale must be used.

View a single transactionView a single transaction

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