Build your own Soft Point-of-Sale app

You can download the SDK from the Developer Portal here: Download Soft Point-of-Sale bundle with SDK

Once you've imported it into Android Studio you can start using it straight away.

Import the client library

Start off by importing the client library.

import com.fiserv.app2app.Client
import com.fiserv.app2app.nonretailerapi.ProvisionData
import com.fiserv.nexo.retailerapi.*

Set your API key

Set the API key, this is defined in Config.kt within the demo code. The API key is always the same. Refer to Setup the SDK for more detail.


Set & send provisioning data

Provisioning registers the user's device with Fiserv and ensures that it is setup correctly.

Set data

val provisionData = createProvisionDataFromInputs( technicalUserName, technicalUserPassword, allianceOrRealm, merchantID, storeID)


Send provisioning data


Start using the payments functions

From here you can start executing basic functions. Refer to the SDK guide for more detail on each function.

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