Install Soft Point-of-Sale

Install Soft Point-of-Sale

The Soft Point-of-Sale Payment app can be installed from Google Play Store. You will be asked to accept an invitation when proceeding to Google Play. See Download Soft Point-of-Sale APKs

In the Soft Point-of-Sale zip file, the Integration Demo App (Soft Point-of-Sale demo application) needs to be installed by following instructions below.

Official Method

Please follow the official Google instructions here.

Quick instructions

Enable Developer Mode

  1. On your Android phone open Settings, then About, then Software Information, tap Build Number 7 times to activate developer mode.

  2. Go back to Settings, open new tab that should appear at the bottom named Developer Settings and enable USB Debugging.

  3. Connect your phone to your computer and then on your phone accept the connection.

Install ADB

For OS other than MacOS visit this page to install the Android SDK Platform-tools


Install ABD gifInstall ABD gif

  1. Install the homebrew package manager
 /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  1. Install abd
 brew install android-platform-tools
  1. Start using abd
 adb devices

Install the Integration Demo App

The Integration Demo App is a demo of what you can build using Soft Point-of-Sale App2App interface. Integration Demo App shows you all of the steps you can make to interact with Soft Point-of-Sale.

Install APK gifInstall APK gif

Run the command in the terminal

adb install -t /SoftPOS-App2App-Demo<release/debug>-<version>-RELEASE.apk  // Integration Demo App

The app will be installed and appear in the app drawer of your phone.

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