Integration Demo App

We provide a demo app called the Integration Demo App which can be downloaded from the Developer Portal once you have access to Sandbox.

Integration Demo App is a demo of what you can build using App2App interface. It uses Android Intents under the hood - utilising the Android Intents API.

This app shows you the functions that can be executed remotely. This is useful where you want to run an Android device in kiosk mode and have your own app initiate payments functions remotely.

On this page we will guide you through setting up the Integration Demo App so that you can try out some of the features of Soft Point-of-Sale.

Setting up the Integration Demo App


  • Android device running Android OS >=8.1.
  • The device must have an NFC component.
  • Must have installed the Soft Point-of-Sale app.
  • Must have installed the Integration Demo App (for this page).

Logging in to the app

️ Read me (Password)

Your password is the one that you set when activating your Merchant Portal account not the Developer Portal. You'll receive this link into your inbox when provisioning access to Soft Point-of-Sale.

UsernameYour email used on the Developer Portal
PasswordYou will receive an activation email from our Merchant Portal where you can set your password.
Alliance CodeThis will be provided to you through the Developer Portal. Alliance/Realm indicates which acquirer you are operating under. This field for demo purposes is fde/fms but in production will be different.
MerchantIDProvided to you from the Developer Portal. This is sometimes referred to as a MID.

Integration Demo AppIntegration Demo App

Step by step

  1. Complete your details (remember your Alliance code in the demo is fde/fms)
  4. The Integration Demo App will now log you into the Soft Point-of-Sale app. Once it is complete it will return you to the Integration Demo App.
  5. Use any of the buttons below to execute a payment - PAYMENT, REFUND, REVERSAL...
  6. Once you have executed a payment you can open the Soft Point-of-Sale app directly to see the full interface.

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