Accept a payment

To accept a payment you will need to carry out the following steps:

Set the amount

Enter the amount you want to charge the card. The currency is determined at the time of sign up.

Set amountSet amount

Present the card

Place the card against the back of the device.


Near-Field Communication (NFC)

To accept payments with Soft Point-of-Sale, your mobile device must work with near-field communication (NFC). The location of the NFC chip differs on mobile devices. When a card is presented, it needs to be placed against this area on your device. Please refer to your device's documentation to identify the area where it's NFC chip is located. As an example of such manufacturer documentation, see Samsung's NFC detection area support page here..

Make a paymentMake a payment

Enter PIN (not always required)

If the amount requires a PIN, then the app will present the PIN screen. Pass the device to the user to enter their PIN.

Enter PINEnter PIN

Send a receipt

Once the payment is successful, you can send a receipt to the customer's email address.

Send a receiptSend a receipt

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