Server-To-Server Notification

In addition to the response you received in hidden fields to your responseSuccessURL or responseFailURL, the Gateway can send server-to-server notifications with the above result parameters to a defined URL. This is useful to keep your systems in sync with the status of a transaction. To use this notification method, you can specify an URL in the Customisation section of the Virtual Terminal or submit the URL in the following additional transaction parameter transactionNotificationURL.

Please note, that:
• The transaction URL is sent as received therefore please don’t add additional escaping (e.g.: using %2f for a Slash(/).
• No SSL handshake or verification of SSL certificates will be done in this process.
• The notification URL needs to listen on port 443 (https) – other ports are not supported.

The response hash parameter for validation (using the same algorithm that you have set in the transaction request) notification_hash is calculated as follows:


Shared secret (sharedsecret) will be used as a key in HMAC to calculate the hash with the above hash string.

Such notifications can also be set up for the recurring payments that get automatically triggered by the Gateway. Please contact your local support team to get a shared secret (rcpSharedSecret) agreed for these notifications. You can configure your Recurring Transaction Notification URL (rcpTransactionNotificationURL) in the Customisation section of the Virtual Terminal.

In case of the recurring transactions the response hash parameter notification_hash is calculated differently as follows:


The shared secret (rcpSharedSecret) is part of the string (it is not used as a key in HMAC to calculate the hash with the hash string). Moreover, the response hash parameter for the recurring transaction notifications is calculated with the SHA256-value (as the default value).

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