Response Codes


Most Common Processor Response Codes

ValueDescriptionResponse Code Example
00Transaction has been approvedY:000000:3989951798:PPX:259280509
05The card being used for the transaction has been rejected by the issuer.N:05:Do Not Honour
-5003The order is already existing in the database.N:-5003:The order already exists in the database.
-5005Cardholder submitted the transaction more than once during the 'duplicate lockout' window of time set. (eg: by pressing submit twice)N:-5005:FRAUD - Duplicate lockout
-51013-D Secure authentication failed (eg: cardholder entered incorrect authentication credentials)N:-5101:3D Secure authentication failed
-5103Cardholder did not return from the Access Control Server (ACS) redirection. (ACS - issuer component of 3-D Secure)N:-5103:Cardholder did not return from ACS
-5104Cardholder did not return from PayPal redirectionN:-5104:Cardholder did not return from PayPal
-5993The transaction has been cancelled by the consumer.N:-5993:Cancelled by user

Address Verification Service (AVS) Results

The 1st letter of the AVS code relates to the street address.
The 2nd letter of the AVS code relates to the postcode/zip.

The letters indicate:

YThe submitted value matches with the card issuer's records
NThe submitted value does not match with the card issuer's records
PNo value has been provided or the provided value has not been checked by the card issuer

Card Security Code Verification Results

MCard Security Code matches
NCard Security Code does not match
PNot processed
SMerchant has indicated that the card security code is not present on the card
UIssuer is not certified and/or has not provided encryption keys
XNo response from the credit card association was received
blankA blank response indicates that no code was sent and that there was no indication that the code was not present on the card.

Response Codes Related to Configuration Issues

ValueDescriptionResponse Code Example
-5002The merchant does not have a service entry for the card brand that has been used in the transaction request.N:-5002:brand not supported
-12000The merchant has the service entry Card Code Mandatory, but sent a MOTO/ECI transaction without card code value.N:-12000:Card security code is mandatory
-30053The transaction timed out.N:-30053:Communication Error
-30053Exception occurred retrieving the message from the endpoint.N:-30053:Communication Error
-30060An error occurred building, parsing or interpreting the message.N:30060:Internal Error
-50653Incorrect currency has been sent in the request.N:-50653:Sent invalid currency or no currencies were setup for this store

Response Codes Related to Fiserv Local Payments

ValueDescriptionResponse Code Example
-PP00001Cardholder did not return from local payment redirectionN:-PP00001:Cardholder did not return from alternate payment
-P00001Cardholder cancelled the payment.N:-P00001:Cancelled by user
INPUT_DATATransaction input data are incorrect, channel tag or transaction has not been found.N:INPUT_DATA:Invalid input data
QUOTARefund quota exceeded - not enough funds available.N:QUOTA:APM

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