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Oracle OPERA is a property management system which provides point-of-sale and back office operations to a range of enterprise hospitality sectors, including, hotels and resorts, casinos and gaming, food and beverage, and cruises.

Fiserv is able to provide payment processing functionality to Oracle OPERA by offering integration through its Oracle OPERA plugin.

Fiserv’s Oracle OPERA plugin is integrated with Oracle Payment Interface (OPI) v20.1, enabling connectivity between Oracle OPERA PMS and Fiserv PAX A920 SmartPOS payment terminals. Our plugin supports on-premise, hosted and cloud integrations.

Fiserv’s Oracle OPERA plugin utilises a synchronous interface to handle card-present and card-not-present transactions, as well as, administration requests from OPERA property management systems. Payment information can be tokenised and stored in your Oracle database. Tokens can be generated for both your POS payments and your online payments to provide a unified omni-commerce experience.

How it works

Oracle Payment Interface communicates with Fiserv middleware plugin through a secured HTTPS connection (TLS 1.2 or higher). Oracle Payment Interface then connects to Oracle Hospitality OPERA.

Card Present

When a hotel receptionist using Oracle Hospitality OPERA wants to process payment for a guest's stay, an OPI message is sent from the PMS to our Fiserv plugin. Our plugin then routes this message to the payment terminal associated with the receptionist's workstation. The amount due is displayed on the terminal and the guest uses a credit card, or other payment instrument, to authorize the payment. The payment terminal communicates directly with the Fiserv payment gateway to process the transaction. The result is sent to the initiating PMS workstation, via our Fiserv plugin.

Card Not Present

The hotel receptionist, back office staff, or Oracle Hospitality OPERA’s automated processes can initiate a variety of card-not-present transactions. The PMS uses the same Oracle Payment Interface to send these transactions to our Fiserv Oracle OPERA plugin. Transactions are routed directly to Fiserv’s payment gateway for processing and responses are returned to the PMS.

Supported Functionality

The interface supports the following functionality:

  • Pre-Authorization: Place a hold on a card during a guest’s check-in
  • Top-Up Authorization: Increase the amount being held on a guest's card during their stay
  • Authorization Release: Cancel a hold on a card, for example, if a guest wants to pay with a different card than the one provided at check-in
  • Sales Completion: Complete sale transactions with the same card provided at check-in
  • Sale/Purchase: Take payment directly from a guest's card. Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) can be handled on the payment terminal. Oracle Hospitality OPERA receives transaction amounts in local currency and DCC data
  • Refund: Refund an authorized amount to a guest
  • Void: Void or cancel a payment via a Sale/Purchase or a Sales Completion
  • End-of-Day Settlement: Inform Fiserv when the PMS initiates the end-of-day procedure
  • Get Token: Tokenize a card (PAN) captured on the payment terminal
  • Get Token (Bulk): Securely exchange one or many card numbers for tokens via the HTTPS secured token proxy service. Up to 50 PANs can be tokenized in one OPI Get Token (Bulk) message
  • Transaction Inquiry: Automatic background process which runs on OPERA PMS when a transaction times out. Enables the OPERA PMS to check the status of the transaction, and then determine if the transaction needs to be voided or not

How to get started

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