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To successfully onboard merchants to Fiserv systems, they need to be set up with offers. There are two types of offers:

  • Acquiring offers: this type of offer is in relation to how transactions are processed including attributes like pricing
  • Equipment offers: this type of offer is in relation to equipment and services to accept payments e.g. a card terminal that accepts Visa and Mastercard

Why do I need offers?

Offers is a prerequisite to using the boarding API. Offers combine numerous parameters which may have the same values in certain scenarios. For example, pricing model for travel and entertainment merchants or purchase price of equipment for micro merchants. Instead of capturing the same information every time a merchant of the same type is onboarded, a reference to an offer is captured - automatically populating the parameters in the backend systems.

Where do the offers come from?

The offers are pre-configured in the Offer Management System. They are created based on individual business needs of the respective Alliance or Partner. They can also by added, changed or dropped by the Alliance or Partner at any time.


Available Endpoints

List Available OffersPOST /offering/availableFind available acquiring and equipment offers based on criteria e.g. alliance, merchant category code, location
Retrieve Acquiring OffersGET /offering/acquiringGet details of acquiring offers
Retrieve Equipment OffersGET /offering/equipmentGet details of equipment offers
Retrieve Posting AccountsGET /offering/account_typesGet details of posting account types

What is the typical flow?


The typical order these endpoints are used are:

  1. Find out the list of acquiring and equipment offers available to you, based on the criteria you set
  2. Retrieve further parameter details for the acquiring offers available
  3. Retrieve further parameter details for the equipment offers available
  4. Retrieve the posting account required to enable your acquiring offer


Before being able to use the API to retrieve details of offers, there are some prerequisites:

  • The Alliance or Partner has been set up and offer(s) have been configured in the Offers Management System. This if done by internal Fiserv teams upon an agreement with the Alliance or Partner.
  • API credentials have been generated and paired with the respective Alliance or Partner. This is done as a part of the previous step.

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