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ePOS Payments is in development. You can find the API specification in development here. If you are interested in gaining access when available then please contact us via our support page

nexo Retailer Message Headers


When sending any nexo Retailer request message (supported by our ePOS Payments API) you will need to ensure that as part of the request message you have the correct nexo MessageHeader structure and the appropriate content. Every nexo Retailer response message also includes MessageHeader.

Sample Payload

Below is an example of a MessageHeader for a nexo Payment request. In this example the cardholder is using their card at the payment terminal, and the cashier is taking the payment from their ePOS System (which has the identifier Salesystem-00000001).

It is worth noting the following:

  • MessageClass is always set as "Service"
  • MessageCategory can be set as "Payment", "Reversal", "TransactionStatus", "Reconciliation" depending on the nexo Retailer message to be processed
  • MessageType is either "Request" or "Response"
  • ServiceID is the identification of a message pair (request/response) which processes a transaction. The ServiceID must be unique per outlet.
  • SaleID is the identification of a Sale System or a Sale Terminal. Must be unique across outlets for a client
  • POIID is the identification of a POI System or a POI Terminal. Set to β€œCAP” for card-not-present transactions. Set to β€œAUTO”, or the actual POI ID, for card present transactions.
  "SaleToPOIRequest": {
    "MessageHeader": {
      "MessageClass": "Service",
      "MessageCategory": "Payment",
      "MessageType": "Request",
      "ServiceID": "1731207545",
      "SaleID": "Salesystem-00000001",
      "POIID": "AUTO"

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