Quick Start

The Documents API is primarily for use alongside Merchant Boarding API as a means to provide identification, contractual and financial evidences during the boarding process. Once documents have been uploaded they are used by the boarding systems to complete any KYC or KYB checks as necessary. However, other forms of documents can be upload and retrieved outside of this primary purpose as required.



The following features are available today:

Use cases

  • Uploading passports, driving licenses and other forms of identification during the boarding process
  • Uploading financial evidences such as bank statements during the boarding process
  • Uploading signed contracts
  • Storing of monthly statements

Make your first API call

  1. Get your API Key
  2. Decide on which type of document you wish to upload. Is it Identification, Financial, Contract or Other?
  3. Use the relevant API to upload your document by providing the minimum required information of:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Document Reference
  • File Name
  • base64 encoded document to upload
  1. Once your document has been uploaded you will receive back the id and type. In order to retrieve the document later you will need BOTH of these bits of information


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