Demo application

Demo Application

Demo Application Screenshot

We have a demo application which will show you how to access our Payment APIs and complete a 3DS Payment.


API Keys

  • Visit our Developer Portal and generate a sandbox key.
  • Take a note of this key and your secret key as you'll need it later
  • Update your secret and API key within '/api/routes/main.js'
  • Please note that you'll be running this on our production endpoint as our sandbox environment is a like for like (although no transactions will be executed!)


  • Install NodeJs
  • Install Yarn
  • Open 2 terminals, one in 'api' and one in 'www'
  • Run 'yarn install' inside of 'www'
  • Run 'npm install' inside of 'api'



  • To get an idea of what is taking place, open Chrome, open the developer console and enable 'preserve logs's

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