Additional Custom Fields

You may want to use further fields to gather additional customer data geared towards your business specialty, or to gather additional customer demographic data which you can then store in your own database for future analysis. You can send as many custom fields to the payment Gateway as you wish, and they will get returned along with all other fields to the response URL.

Up to ten custom fields can be submitted in a way that they will be stored within the the Gateway so that they appear in the Virtual Terminal's Order Detail View as well as in the response to Inquiry Actions that you send through our Web Service API.

Field NameDescription, possible values and format
customParam_keyIf you want to use this feature, please send the custom fields in the format customParam_key=value

The maximum length of a custom parameter is 100 characters


To remain compliant the custom fields are not to be used to submit credit card detail or sensitive card holder information, please use the designated fields defined by the Gateway for this purpose.

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