Development mode

ePOS Payments is in development. You can find the API specification in development here. If you are interested in gaining access when available then please contact us via our support page

Our ePOS Payments API enables you to connect your electronic Point of Sale (ePOS) system wirelessly to card terminals to accept payments, creating a seamless user experience and reducing human errors from manual inputs into terminals. You can also:

  • Easily integrate payment transactions and administrative functions from your ePOS system

  • Enable payments on the go via wireless connections with PAX A920 SmartPOS mobile payment terminals

  • Centrally manage the connections between your ePOS system and payment terminals/gateway in an automated manner, via Fiserv Digital Portal

  • Accept your customers' preferred payment methods

  • Our ePOS Payments API is based on nexo Retailer Protocol



The following features will be available:

  • Send nexo Retailer message. This API endpoint is provides a synchronous interface for nexo Retailer messages where you can:
    • Verify a card
    • Verify a token
    • Take/Void a payment
    • Place/Increase/Complete a hold on a card
    • Cancel or Release a hold on a card
    • Refund a customer
    • Credit money to a customer's card
    • Check the status of a transaction
    • Print and re-print receipts
    • Submit an end of business day closeout

Where to get started?

If this is your first time here, we recommend you do things in the following order:

Process Flow

The following are some process flow diagrams for our API which are split into Payments, Pre-Authorisations and Reconciliation.


Sale Systems

You will need to get your Sale System(s) configured on our systems before trying out our API so please contact us and we will help you with this.

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